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Special collection of combat photos by Pfc William J. Toomey and members of the 3d Signal Company, 3d
Infantry Division- continued-
Loading a 4.2 Mortar in Ostheim, France Jan 45
A 4.2 Mortar is loaded in Ostheim, France - January 1945.  The mortar weighed
333 pounds and could hurl 100 high-angle rounds in 20 minutes.
German soldier KIA - Ostheim, France Jan 45
A dead German Infantryman in white camouflage uniform lies next to his attack rifle in the
streets of Ostheim, France, January 1945.  The rifle "SturmGewehr 43" is an automatic rifle.
View of Riedwihr, France January 1945
View of German communication lines running into Riedwihr, France- 25 January
1945.  How about that snow depth.  Wasn't that fun to spend the night in?
Third Division Troops on the move from Ostheim to Houssen, France Jan 45
Third Infantry Division Infantryman move from Ostheim to Houssen, France, January 1945
Artillery in support of the 3rd Inf Div 27 Jan 45
After the 30th Infantry Regiment secured the Wicherschwihr area on 27 Jan 45, this
12-man crew of an eight-inch M-115 Howitzer along with a  50 cal. heavy machine
gun is placed for supporting action in the battle.  Near Wickerschwihr in Holtzwihr, the
20-year old Audie Murphy performed his heroic action atop a burning tank destroyer
earning his Medal of Honor
254th Infantry troops in Jebsheim, France Jan 45
Infantryman of the 254th Infantry Regiment move through Jebsheim, France 27 Jan
45.  The battle for Jebsheim ended 29 January 1945 with over 900 soldiers killed
from both sides.  Units of the French Army fought side by side with the 254th
Infantry Regiment soldiers.
View of dead following the battle for Jebsheim, France Jan 45
View of some of the soldiers killed during the battle of Jebsheim.  Although not
identified parts of the uniforms may indicate that these were either American or
French soldiers.  Sixty-Six Infantryman from the 254th Infantry Regiment were killed
during this battle.
American soldiers killed in halftrack- January 1945
Five American soldiers died when their half-track took a direct hit from a German
"88" during the three-day battle for Reidwihr, France- Jan 45
Jebsheim France after the battle, Jan 45
Ammunition and equipment litters an abandoned German defensive position in
Jebsheim overrun by the 254th Infantry Regiment with French Armor.
Ambulance transport dead soldiers from Jebsheim, France Jan 45
An ambulance is used to transport dead American soldiers after the battle of Jebsheim, January 1945
Third Division receives French Croix de Guerre
General DeGaulle ordered the pomp and circumstance for a 20 February 1945
ceremony in Colmar awarding the Third Infantry Division the Croix de Guerre with
Palm for its heroic action in the Colmar Pocket.  The 254th Infantry Regiment
although attached to the 3rd Infantry Division during most of that battle did not
receive that award at that time.  This oversight was corrected by the Department of
the Army in 1986 after a veteran of the 254th Infantry Regiment questioned the
failure to include the 254th Infantry Regiment when the award was made. (End of
Special Collection)
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German Jet-1945
German Messerschmitt 262 Jet fighter stashed in a wooded
area along the Autobahn.  1945
Sgt Joseph Hardee, G Co 255th Infantry Regt Germany 1945
Sgt Joseph C Hardee (L), G Company 255th Infantry
Regiment sprucing up a bit in Germany 1945