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The "Association " page has information about the history of
the 63rd Infantry Division Association, Association Officers,
membership application information and contacts for joining
the Association.  At this page we also list details concerning
local chapters of the 63rd Infantry Division Association.

A history of the 63rd Infantry Division can be found in the
Division History" pages.  This page also provides access to
Photo Sections.

The "Regimental, Battalion and Special Troops" pages provide
an area for special information about those units, combat
stories by Association members, comments from members,
inquiries and some photos.

"Buddy Search" page provides space for anyone seeking
their wartime buddies.

"Memorabilia" page contains a list of all memorabilia items
for sale by the Association including rosters and battle reports.

"Mail Call" page provides a place for members to make
general comments.  This Page also provides space for anyone
who is seeking information about family members or Division

"Reunions" page provides up to date information on all
scheduled reunions to be held by the Association and its

"Division Memorials" page provides information
concerning the various Divisional and Unit memorials located
in the US and Europe.

"Read the Bulletin Board" page contains matters of
interest to association members not appearing elsewhere.

At the
"Related Web Pages" page you will find a large number
of links to web sites that contain World War II information,
including pictures, insignia, patches and articles written by
veterans like yourself.  Got a few minutes? Then take the time
to surf these interesting web sites.

"Web Rings" page contains a list of Web Rings this web
page belongs to.  Check them out for a lot more information
about the military.

"Credits" page includes a statement of credits given for
use of various images.

"e-mail form" page includes an e-mail form for contacting
the webmaster.
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