63rd Infantry Division
Miscellaneous Photos and
Memorabilia Images- Page 61
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Photos relating to the 861st FA Bn continued-
Bazooka training A/861st FA Bn Cp Van Dorn, MS
"Bazooka" training, A/861st FA Cp Van Dorn, MS
Training 861st FA Bn Cp Van Dorn, MS
A/Btry 861st FA Bn fires the "Green Dragon", Cp Van Dorn, MS
Training A/861st FA Cp Van Dorn MS
Part of 4th Section, A Btry 861st FA Bn in training, Cp Van Dorn MS
Barracks life- A/861st FA Bn Cp Van Dorn MS
After a hard day of training- the Barracks.  L-R:  Pfc Edward
Gundel, Sgt Mack. S. Kennedy, Pfc William N. Tillett, and
Sgt Walter T. Johnston Jr- A/861st FA Bn Cp Van Dorn, MS
Thanksgiving Day Menu A/861st 25 Nov 43
Menu page, Thanksgiving Day A/861st FA Bn Cp Van Dorn, MS
Battery roster Thanksgiving Day 1943 A/861st FA
Three images above are the Thanksgiving Day Special Menu for A Battery 861st FA Bn, Cp Van Dorn, MS
                                                              25 November 1943