63rd Infantry Division
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House/ K/254th Inf Regt on Furlough 1944
House, K/254th Infantry Regiment -Ft Dix, NJ 1946
S/Sgt John House (then Pfc) on furlough with
his wife Betty. K Company 254th Infantry
Regiment- May 1944 (01/05)
S/Sgt John House, K Company 254th Infantry
Regiment at Fort Dix NJ - 18 Mar 46 (01/05)
Troutman B/254th Inf Regt
Pfc William C. Troutman (Center) B Company 254th
Infantry Regiment.  Place photo was taken- unkown.  Others
in photo not identified.  Pfc Troutman was seriously
wounded on 23 Jan 45 during the battle for Hill 216 and
received a Silver Star Medal for his heroism during that
The next group of photographs was furnished by Ms Nancy Lewis, Grand Daughter of BG Frederick Harris,
Assistant Division Commander of the 63rd Infantry Division..  Ms Lewis can be contacted at e-mail address:
nancy_r_lewis@yahoo.com    (05/05)
63d Division Officers at Camp Van Dorn, MS
Inspecting a 255th Infantry Regiment Mess Hall- Camp Van Dorn, MS- 1944.  Left to
right:  Background:  Colonel Paul E. Tombaugh, CO 255th Infantry Regiment, BG
Frederick M. Harris, ADC, BG Edward J. McGaw, Div Arty CG and MG Louis E.
Hibbs , CG 63rd Infantry Division
BG Harris, ADC 63rd Inf Div, Cp Van Dorn 1944
BG Frederick Harris ADC 63rd Inf Div Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
BG Frederick M. Harris, Assistant Division Commander, 63rd Inf Div Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
Field visit, Camp Van Dorn, MS 1944
Colonel Joseph H. Warren (254th and 255th Inf)(Left) and BG Frederick
M. Harris ADC visit a 63rd Inf Div unit in the field, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
BG Harris and staff, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
L-R:  Lt Anthony M Marine, BG Frederick Harris, ADC, 63rd Inf Div and
Lt John E. Coxe.  Lt's Marine and Coxe were aides to BG Harris, Cp Van
Dorn, MS 1944
BG Harris, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
BG Frederick M. Harris, ADC 63rd Inf Div pulls the lanyard on an artillery
piece, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
MG Louis E. Hibbs,(rear) CG 63rd Inf Div and BG
Frederick M Harris, ADC 63rd Inf Div appear to be
discussing that last play on the baseball diamond.,  
Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944