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Photos furnished by Ms Nancy Lewis continued (05/05)
63rd Inf Div Officers Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
63rd Infantry Division Officers during a visit by Lt Gen Miburn to Cp Van Dorn, MS.  Only identified the
following.  3d from right-front row:  BG Edward McGaw, DivArty CG--5th from right-front row:  BG
Frederick Harris, ADC 63rd Inf Div---7th from right- front row:  Lt George  A.Brown, Hq 63d Inf Div--9th
from right-front row:  MG Louis E. Hibbs, CG 63rd Inf Div---11th from right-front row:  LT Gen Milburn.
Generals in the field, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1944
L-R:  BG Frederick Harris, ADC; BG Edward J. McGaw, Div Arty CG,
LtG Milburn, and MG Louis E. Hibbs, CG 63rd Inf Div, Cp Van Dorn,
MS 1944
63rd Inf Div Staff at Division Commanders Course- 1943
63rd Infantry Division Staff at the Division Commanders Course, Holabird Ordnance Depot, Baltimore, MD
March 18-22 1943:  Identified in this photo are Front Row:  L-R:  BG J. E. Dahlquist, BG Louis E. Hibbs and
BG R. P. Shugg:  Second Row:  L-R:  Col E. J. McGaw, Col F. M. Harris , ???,???.  Appearing in this photo,
but not identified are :Col R. N. Young, Col C. H Owens, Lt Col C F. Tischbein, Lt Col E. G Wheeler, Lt Col J.
G. Conley, Major F. T. Ritter Jr, Major F C Johnson, Major L. C Sorensen and Capt A. L. Hettrich
End of photos from Nancy Lewis
Lt Fye, C Co 255th Infantry Regiment KIA 15 Mar 45
1st Lt Karl R. Fye, C Company 255th Infantry
Regiment.  Killed in Action 15 March 1945 (05/05)