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863 FA soldiers exam German
Members of B Battery 863d FA Bn examine a German Nebelwerfer "Screaming
Meenie" launcher.   1945  Photo furnished by Ronald Dunlap
S/Sgt Werkheiser, Hq 255th Inf Regt, Germany-1945
S/Sgt Robert Werkheiser (standing on the right)- Headquarters 255th
Infantry Regiment somewhere in Germany 1945
255th Inf troops in Achen, France
Troops from the 255th Infantry Regiment
moving through Achen, France-Jan 1945
B/363d Med Bn- Germany 1945
B/363d Med Bn, Germany 1945
B/363d Med Bn, Germany 1945
L-R:  Pfc Thomas J. Holmes and Pfc George L. Pallatt Jr, B
Company 363d Medical Battalion, Germany 1945
L-R:  T/5 John D. Harmon Jr, Cpl William PC Howe,and Pfc Howard
F. Dart, B Company 363d Medical Battalion, Germany 1945
Bottom row- second soldier from the left- Pfc Gerald F. Grant- Top Row::-Left S/Sgt Paul V.
Noble, Pfc Thomas J. Holmes and Pfc Geroge L. Pallatt Jr- others not identified (B Company
363d Medical Battalion, Germany 1945)
S/Sgt Lawrence J. McGowan, A Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment while in hospital in France after being wounded
during the battle of Jebsheim, France, Jan 1945.  S/Sgt
McGowan was killed in action on 12 April 1945 in
Ingelfingen, Germany
L-R:  Pfc Robert E. Nielson, T/5 Carl F. Brass Jr and Pfc
Roy Lermond.  Communications Platoon, Hq 2d Battalion,
254th Infantry Regiment. Photo taken 19 March 1945 in
Eschringen, Germany where these men "liberated" a tailor
shop just prior to breaking through the German West Wall
(Siegfried Line)
Copy of painting depicting 254th Infantry Regiment soldiers in the
Battle of Jebsheim, January 1945.  Provided by Sgt John Burney, A
Company 254th Infantry Regiment