63rd Infantry Division Insignia
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253rd Infantry Regiment- Alphabetically -w/ units
following each name. Letters I, J, K, L & M
Names started here

Jandak, Rudolph Sgt. K*

Kanuha, William K. M/Sgt. E & K*
Kapesis, Nicholas Paul Pfc. M*

Kelly, Edward J. Pfc. E*



Mangold, Peter S. Sgt. A*

Maslinoff, Louis G*

Mauldin, James N. (S/Sgt.^) 2/Lt. K*

McIntosh, George Robert Sgt. E*

McKeon, William Gregory Pfc. L*

Moore, Roma E. Pfc. F*

Morrell, Ernest E. Pfc. F & L*
Moskowitz, Charles Pfc. A*

Murphy, William  SV

Names ended here

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16 Oct 13
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