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Camp Blanding, Florida, birthplace of the 63rd Infantry Division is also the location of a memorial to the over *8000 battle casualties suffered by
the Division during World War II.(*Note: This figure has increased to a little over 9000 based on more recent detailed review of morning reports
and other operational reports. In fact this figure changes almost daily as we find new casualties listed in documents under review by the Association
Photos of the memorial are shown below

Honor guard at 63rd Infantry Division Memorial, Camp Blanding, Florida during 1994 annual reunion.

Division Veterans pose along side of the Division Memorial in Camp Blanding, Florida. 1994 Jacksonville Reunion.

Grady McCoy, G Company, 254th stands guard over the 63rd Infantry Division Memorial at Camp Blanding Florida. (Thanks to
Grady for this photo and those at the bottom of this page)

If you plan to visit this memorial,it is located just behind the Camp Blanding Museum and Gift Shop. In the museum you will find displays outlining
the history of General Blanding, for whom the camp is named; the construction of the camp and of the 22,000 civilians involved; pictorial displays
showing the nine (9) Infantry Divisions that trained at Camp Blanding from November 1940 to July 1943. There you will also find displays for the
Infantry Replacement Training Center that started up in June of 1943 and operated until the end of the war. One area includes a display devoted to
the German POW Camp located at Camp Blanding. Another area covers the Florida National Guard units that fought in WWII. The remainder of
the museum is devoted to World War II in general. There is a section for the Pacific Theater as well as the European Theater. One area includes a
display of the forty-eight (48) Medal of Honor recipients from the nine (9) divisions training at Camp Blanding. There is a fairly extensive weapons
collection of allied and Axis forces. Women's service during WWII is also shown as well as a display covering the "Home Front". On the museum
grounds there are monuments for the nine (9) divisions that trained at Camp Blanding as well as a monument to the IRTC. There are also
monuments for POWs, MOH recipients,and those who earned the Purple Heart Medal. The surrounding area also includes larger equipment such
as a half-track, Sherman tank, Duck, Ambulance, C-47 and several artillery pieces.

The museum also has available a number of 63rd Infantry Division memorabilia items for sale. These items are listed in our Memorabilia Pages.

e-mail address:

Mailing address: Camp Blanding Museum, Route 1, Box 465, Starke, FL, 32091-9703.

Telephone: 904-533-3196
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Blanding Memorial
Grady McCoy at Blanding Memorial
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