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254th Regimental members honored with plaques on
Jebsheim War Memorial.

In 1997, members of the 254th Infantry Regiment decided to honor
their buddies who were killed during the Battle of Jebsheim, by affixing
a bronze plaque on the Jebsheim War Memorial located in the center of
that village. The plaque was dedicated on 7 June 1997. Details of the
plaque and information about the ceremony can be seen by clicking the
"7 Jun 97 Ceremony" title below.

In 1999, French veterans of the Battle of Jebsheim and the President of
The Cross of the Jebsheim Mill Association, suggested and obtained
permission from the Village of Jebsheim to allow the 254th Infantry
Regiment to place a second plaque on the Jebsheim War Memorial.
This new plaque listed the names of the Sixty-six (66) men of the
Regiment who gave their lives for the liberation of that small village in
January 1945. The plaque was dedicated on 12 June 1999. Details of
the plaque and ceremony can be found by clicking the "12 June 1999
ceremony" title below.

7 June 1997 Ceremony
12 June 1999 Ceremony
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