Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 14
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The next few photos are of poor quality mainly because I obtained them through scanning
newspaper articles and the images were somewhat cloudy or speckled.  I did the best that I could
but the results weren't all that great.  Please try to overlook the poor quality of this images.  Thanks
G Company 253d Infantry
Hq Co 2d Bn 253d Infantry Antitank Plat
E Company 254th Infantry
I Company 254th Infantry
H Co 254th Infantry
Jay R Hendry and Buddies (K and L Co- 254th
Inf) Photo furnished by Mildred Hendry,
Pferdorf 254th Infantry
Pfc Larry Frenette and Pfc George
Pferdeort in Paris- VE Day 1945
254th Infantry soldiers
255th Infantry soldiers
Soldiers from A Company 255th Infantry??
Photo furnished by Stanley E. Sulenski
Left Spickofsy and Right Steve
Waricka in Ingelfingen- Jun 45,
D Company 255th Infantry
D/255th Infantry
255th Inf
Schwabish Hall Germany
Unidentifed 63d GI with local children
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