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Cpl Irwin Gold, AT 253rd Inf
Cpl Irwin Gold, AT, 253rd Infantry
Cpl Gold and Friend, AT 253rd Inf
Cpl Irwin Gold (L) with friend at the
Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.  
Standing in front of "The house of the
King". Info furnished by Marc H. Halleux
Cpl Gold and Friend ATG 253rd Inf
Cpl Irwin Gold and friend.  Location
Cpl Gold and friends AT 253rd Inf
Cpl Irwin Gold (C) with friends.  
Location unknown.
Soldiers from Hq 253rd Infantry, Wertheim, Germany, 1945.  Front Row L-R:  Johnson, Delahoussaye,
Gofford, Bennett, Scotty, Taylor.  Center Row: Ock, Walsh, Ushman, Clark, Toth. Back Row: Beckwith,
Medley, Minford, Maroney, Pharr, Greggersen, Dietrick, Dickson
Brian Keller 254th Infantry
Brian Keller, A Company,
254th Infantry Regiment
Cpl John Graves  H/255th
Cpl John Graves, H Company 255th visits the Siegfried Line
Capt Restani A/254
Capt Restani, Company Commander, A
Company, 254th Infantry Regiment
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A&P Plat Hq Co 1st Bn 253d Inf Wertheim, Germany Jul 45
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