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George Scott E/253rd Infantry
George Scott, E Company, 253rd Infantry taken in
Germany in the Spring of 1945.  Photo furnished
by George's son-in-law, Albert Reimers.
H/254th Infantry
H Company, 254th Infantry, end of May 1945 near Bad Mergentheim Germany.  Photo supplied by Irv Schlocker.
Gen Hibbs and officers Jun 45
MG Louis Hibbs, CG 63rd Infantry Division- Capt
Clement Coss, CO I/254th and Capt Arch Hamblen(on
the right) CO M/254th.  Taken on 15 Jun 45 on
Organization Day at Bad Mergentheim,
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Soldiers from I/254th Inf
L to R: Lt McFarland, Sgt Glen Riley, Sgt Mims, Sgt Harry Campere, Sgt Tom
Lazare, Sgt Milton Sharp and Sgt Duffy.  All of I Company 254th Infantry in
Homburg Am Main, June 1945.  Photo furnished by John Ritner I/254th
1stSgt Caldwell I/254th
1stSgt Emmett F Caldwell, I Company,
254th Infantry, Homberg Am Main,
Germany June 45. 1st Sgt Caldwell said "I
don't care how pretty the flowers are
Ritner, you're not getting a week-end pass"
Photo furnished by John Ritner I/254th
1st Plat !/254th Inf
L to R:  Holderback, Sgt Jackson Mims, John  Ritner, Bert
Peak, Fletcher, Sgt Tom Lazare and Lt Vince McFarland all
of 1st Platoon, I Company 254th Infantry.  Photo furnished
by John Ritner I/254th
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