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Clinton, Frutchey and Hartney D/254th
L-R:  Pfc Clinton, Pfc Frutchey and Lt Roy
Hartney, Mortar Platoon, D/254th Infantry, May
1945 in Germany
Capt Neal D Blanchard Med Det/255th Inf
Capt Neal D. Blanchard, Med Det 255th
"piloting" German Messerschmitt 262 Jet
near Munich.  Furnished by Francis
Med Det 255th Inf
Officers of the 3rd Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division - Germany June 1945
Picture furnished by Francis Blanchard whose father was Captain Neal D. Blanchard, Med Det 255th
Infantry. Twenty-two(22) officers were named in the photo, however I was only able to identify those with
numbers as shown.  The others were also numbered but they were not legible.  Officers named with
identifying numbers. 1- LCol Maurice Schiffman (CO) 2- Maj James Boyd (XO) 3- Capt Wayne Williamson
(S1) 4- Capt (Chap) Carl Lucky (Chap) 5- Capt Neal D. Blanchard (Bn Surg) 6- 1st Lt Charles E White (S2)
7- Capt Abraham S. Lincoln ( M Co) 8- 1st Lt James W. Brown ( M Co) 9- 1st Lt James J. Ryan (Commo
Officer) 10- 1st Lt Richard Hartman (Motor Off) 11- 1st Lt Thomas McClaren ( K Co) 12- 1st Lt Cecil L.
Johnson ( K Co) 13- 1st Lt Garland A Ludy (K Co) 17- 1st Lt John A. Tate (I Co)  19- 1st Lt John
Davenport (I Co).  Those named but I can't identify:  1st Lt Leverne Smith ( M Co), 1st Lt Denzil Bergman
(M Co), 2d Lt Joseph Fiedelday (A&R Plat) Lt Breslin ( I Co), 2d Lt Perry Erhard (M Co) , 2d Lt Searly
McClure (K Co) and 2d Lt Raymond Kochanski ( L Co)
CWO  Nordin in Austria
CWO James T Nordin, 563rd Signal
Company. "Chief I know we told you to
blend in during the occupation, but really".
Photo furnished by Jim Nordin, CWO
Nordin's son.
253rd Inf Hq Quarters 1945
Photo of quarters for Headquarters Company 253rd Infantry
Regiment, Bad Mergentheim, Germany 1945. Compare these
plush quarters to the ones directly opposite for D Company,
254th Infantry.  Where's the justice?? Photo furnished by
John R. Badey, Hq 253rd Infantry
Clinton/Frutchy D/254th Inf in front of quarters
Pfc Clinton (L) and Pfc Frutchy
(R) D/254th Inf in front of their
quarters in some unnamed
village in Germany, 1945.  What
did they do wrong to deserve
such quarters??
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