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The following photos were furnished by Pfc Thomas Glunt,
Intelligence Section, Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
254th Soldiers exploring countryside
Zeese and friend explore the countryside around Creglingen
Germany, Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf
63rd Soldiers near Creglingen, Germany
Soldiers from Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry out for an afternoon
stroll- Creglingen Germany.  L to R:  ??, Johnson(holding
their new found friend, the dog), Lane and ??.
Buddies checking our the farm
Zeese and unknown buddy checking our the farm in the
Creglingen, Germany area.  Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf
Violators of the non-fraternization rule
Zeese and buddies with a young lady from a local village.
Gee, and I thought there was a "No Fraternization rule".   Hq
2d Bn 254th Inf
Buddies on a stroll
Hart & Lane, Intel Sec Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf, out
for an afternoon stroll.
Zeese & Hart Intel Sec Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf
Intelligence Section in the Hay
L to R:  Johnson, Zeese, Lane and ??, Intel Sec Hq 2d Bn
254th Infantry just before the outfit began to break up.
Intelligence Section Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry
Hq 2d Bn 254th Infantry  L to R:  ??,??,Zeese, Hart and ??
Intelligence Section Hq 2d Bn 254th Inf
Final group photo of men from the Intelligence Section Hq 2d
Bn, 254th Infantry before being shipped out. L to R:Johnson,
Zeese, Mueller and ??
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