Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 15
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The next few photos are of poor quality mainly because I obtained them through scanning
newspaper articles and the images were somewhat cloudy or speckled.  I did the best that I could
but the results weren't all that great.  Please try to overlook the poor quality of this images.  
363d Medical Bn
Service Company 255th Infantry Regiment
Heilbronn after WWII
C Btry 718th FA Bn
CWO Perry Mayo Hq Co 254th Infantry
CWO Perry Mayo, Hq Co 254th Infantry
in front of Regimental Hq.
Radio crew Hq Co 254th Inf
Radio team, Hq Co 254th Infantry in Rothenburg, Germany
Facing camera L-R:  Wallace, ???, Sayles and Sgt James
Radio jeep and crew Hq Co 254th Infantry
Radio jeep and crew, Hq Co 254th Infantry
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