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Soldiers from G/254th?
Badey Group
Flag at half-staff
Maxwell, 63rd MP
G/254th Lt
563rd Signal Troops
G/254th Soldiers
John Vitello and buddy G/254th
63rd Infantry Division soldiers place an American Flag at Half Staff on 12 Apr 1945
date of President Roosevelt's death,  Bad Mergentheim, Germany (Photo furhished
by John R. Badey, 563rd Signal Company)
G/254th soldiers in Germany.  L-R: Bill Clare, John
Vitello, Joe McCoskey  Photo furnished by Frank
Vitello, John's son.
John Vitello (Left) and buddy.  G/254th
Inf.  Anyone know who the soldier is on
the right?  Photo furnished by Frank
Vitello, John's son
Sgt Paul Phillippe and Billy Meyer-
G/254th Inf.  Furnished by Frank Vitello
L-R:Joe McCoskey, Bill Clare and Joe Kepler
G/254th Inf.  Furnished by Frank Vitello.
Lt Attillio Mastrobattista  G/254th Inf.  Furnished by Frank
The following photos were submitted by John R. Badey, 563rd Signal Company and 253rd Infantry Regiment.  
If you can identify any of the unidentified members please let me know.
Pfc Rowe Maxwell, 63rd MP Platoon, 1946.  He
cleans up pretty nice doesn't he?
Pfc Badey said that this was the group that drove him
to drink!!  Pfc Badey is in the center of the back row.
563rd Signal Trio.  L to R:  "Pop" (Last Name
unknown), T/4 Mike Ansonia (Rome NY) and
Pfc John R. Badey
563rd Signal soldier relaxing on a wall.  His
name is "Whitey".  Entrance to the Castle of
Mergentheim (info courtesy of Matt Selig
originally a resident of Bad Mergentheim)
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