Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 30
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Pontoon bridge construction on Danube Apr 45
Engineers building a pontoon bridge on
the Danube near Leipheim- Apr 45.  
Furnished by CWO Mayo Hq 254th Inf
German Jet Planes at Leipheim
German Messerschmitt 262 Jet fighter planes at the Leipheim Airfield,
Germany Apr 45.   Furnished by CWO Perry Mayo Hq 254th Inf
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ist Sgt Coyne and Lt Kerins 255th Inf
1st Sgt Tom "TJ" Coyne, B
Company and Lt Jack Kerins, D
Company after their promotion and
appointment- Mar 45 255th Infantry
West, Hughes, Ireland A/254th Inf
Pfc J. D West, Hershell Hughes and John F
Ireland, A Company 254th Inf in Germany
Kitcher and Burney A/254th Inf
(L)Pfc George Kitcher(KIA 20 Mar 45) and Sgt
John Burney A/254th digging a foxhole
Baum and Messino A/254
L-R: Pfc Harry Baum and Joe Messineo, A
Company 254th Inf in Germany-1945
The following group of photographs were furnished by John Burney, A Company 254th Infantry
Sgt John Burney A/254th Inf
Sgt John Burney A Company 254th
Infantry in Germany-1945
Miller A/254th Inf
Pfc Glen A Miller(KIA 16 Apr 45) A
Company 254th Infantry in Germany
Lt Ekberg, A/254th Inf
Lt William H. Ekberg (Battle Field
Commission) A Company 254th
Infantry in Germany- 1945
Williams A/254th Inf
Williams, A Co 254th
Germany- 1945
Sgt Sharp A/254th Inf
Sgt Noah E Sharp, A Company 254th Inf