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Photos provided by Lt Kerins continued
German war dead- Bavaria
German soldier buried on the
battlefield in Bavaria
254th battle area near Bitche
Three Sisters Mountains in the 254th
Infantry area near Bitche
German Tiger tank near Bitche
Destroyed German Panther Tank in the
Bitche area.
German undergraound Airplane factory
Entrance to a German Underground airplane
factory near Weisensteig in Bavaria
American armor destroyed by enemy fire.
American tank destroyed by enemy fire just
before the Siegfried Line at Ommersheim.  
This tank was hit just as then S/Sgt Jack
Kerins (D/255th Inf) was passing on his
way back from aid station.  Two tankers
were saved from this tank- March 45
Cast;e mear Bad Winphen
Castle near Bad Winphen where DP led members of
D/255th Inf to capture Gen Van Scherrimer,  one of
the designers of the Siegfried Line.  His wife called
Lt Kerins an American Gangster and had to be
restrained by Sgt White and Sgt Milt Morgan.
Kocher River crossing
1st Bn 255th Inf began Kocher River bridgehead
here at Berlichingen.  Troops crossed on broken
beams of bridge.
German plane lands in D/255th Inf area
Siebel 204 transport plane  captured by 2d Plat
D/255th when it landed in their area.
Heilbronn 1945
Heilbronn, Germany after US Army Air Corps
Destroyed Chateau near Kocher bridgehead
This chateau had been a German CP.  Lt Breedy,
artillery observer called in three (3) 155mm shells and
the building disappeared.  Kocher bridgehead Apr 45
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The next series of photographs were furnished by Gordon "Shorty" Myers- Hq 253d Infantry Regiment
253 enroute to Oberhofen Dec 44
Members of the 253d Infantry enroute from
Marseille, France ot Camp Oberhofen France-
Enjoying their 40&8 pullman. Dec 44
Bivouac area near Marseille 253d Infantry Dec 44
Shorty Myers- 253d Inf 2 Feb 45
Herb Beherns 253d w/friend
Herb Beherns 253d Infantry with friend.
Anti Tank 253d Inf
Antitank- 253d Infantry
Inside of a 40&8 rail car 253d Inf
Troops of the 253d Infantry enjoy their club car
enroute to Camp Oberhofen Dec 44
Hq Co 2d Bn Wire section 253d Inf
Hq Co 2d Bn 253 Inf Wire Section
253d Infantry troops
253d Infantry Regiment Troops
253d Inf soldiers on the move
2d Bn 253d Infantry on the move.
253d Inf vehicle destroyed by enemy fire
Supply Officer 253d Infantry Regiment surveying
vehicle destroyed by enemy fire.  "Who can I get to
sign a statement of charges for this?"
253d soldiers crossing the Neckar River at Heidelberg
Soldiers of Hq 2d Bn 253d Infantry cross the
Neckar River near Heidelberg, Germany
Wire Section Hq 2d Bn 253d Inf
Wire Section Hq 2d Bn 253d Infantry
Wire and Radio Men Hq 2d Bn 253d Inf
Commo unit Hq 2d Bn 253d Infantry- L-R Lt Ryan, Sgt
Oglesby, Cpl Slagle and Fox. Feb 45