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The following photos and captions were furnished by Herr Helmut Jung, German Historian from Assweiler, Germany
Engineers at Saar River Crossing
Engineer truck crossing Saar River near Sarreguemines enroute to
Hanweiler, Germany.  Troops from 253d Infantry look on.
Machine gun crew on the move-253d Inf
Machine gunners from 3d platoon L Company 253d Infantry run to the cover of
a nearby barn near Sarreguemines in Feb 1945.. . Soldier in the lead with the
machine gun is Pfc Edwin A. Daniel .  Pfc Daniel was severly wounded and lost
the lower part of his left leg on 24 Feb 1945 near Bliesbruck, Germany.
German prisoners in Sarreguemines
German Prisoners captured by the 1st Bn, 253d Infantry in Hanweiler,
Germany  are moved to a POW enclosure. 16 Feb 45
254th troops rest after Eschringen Attack 15 Mar 45
Exhausted soldiers of the 3d Bn, 254th Infantry Regiment take
a rest after the attack on Eschringen, Germany 15 Mar 45
Antitank gun crew 253d Inf Kleinblittersdorf
Antitank gunners of the 253d Infantry Regiment set up a 57mm Antitank
gun in the streetrs of Kleinblittersdorf, Germany, 21 Feb 45
254th troops moving into Eschningen, Germany 15 Mar 45
Soldiers from the 254th Infantry Regiment move into Eschringen, Germany on 15 Mar 45
POWs moved across the Saar River
POWs captured by elements of the 1st Bn 253d Infantry Regiment are
moved across the Saar River near Hanweiler, Germany, 16 Feb 45
German POW's on the move to interrogation
German POWs captured in the Saar River action near Sarreguemines by
elements of the 3d Platoon, L Company 253d Infantry are marched off to
interrogation. 7 Feb 45
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