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Sgt Lawrence R. Traver, 63d Recon Troop
on VE Day.
63rd Recon Troop members.  Identified in the photo are T/Sgt
David W. Wilson, 1st Lt Herman D. Thomas, Cpl William H. Evaul,
S/Sgt John J. McMannimen, S/Sgt William F. Williams III, Cpl George
C. Reed and Cpl Kenneth L. Walton.
L-R: T/5 Thomas "Mac" McCarthy and T/5
Wilbur E. Foraker, 63rd Recon Troop
Having captured a German Uniform Supply depot, troopers of the
63rd Recon Troop try on some of their spoils.  L-R:  S/Sgt William F
Williams III, Cpl William H. Evaul, Cpl George C. Reed, S/Sgt John J.
McMannimen and Cpl Harold Uhrig
L-R:  T/5tr Thomas "Mac" McCarthy, T/5 Wilbur E.
Foraker and Pfc Jessie A. Hooten, 63rd Recon Troop
Newspaper clipping from the New York Daily News, 20 March 1945 showing elements of the
63rd Reconnaissance Troop advancing through Gudingen, Germany.   Identified in the photo
are Captain Thomas W. Reagan (KIA 19 Mar 45), Pfc Louis Tuccino, T/5 Wallace G. Black
and Pfc Arnold V. Carpenter .
L[-R:  Cpl William H. Evaul, S/Sgt William F. Williams III and
Cpl Kenneth L. Walton, 63rd Recon Troop, Germany 1945
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