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Infantry Division in Combat-Page 68
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The following photographs were extracted from the Memoirs of Pfc John Ritner, I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment.  The Memoirs appear on the History of the 254th Infantry Regiment CD and were furnished by David
Ritner, son of Pfc Ritner.
Right to Left:  Pfc John Ritner, Sgt Jackson Mims, Sgt Harry Camper, Pfc
William F. Oldenquist, Pfc Russell Blake and ????.  A happy group of
Infantryman from I Company, 254th Infantry Regiment in Germany-1945
Pfc John Ritner, I Company 254th Infantry
Regiment with the company mascot "Loot"
somewhere in Germany 1945
Right to Left:  Pfc John Ritner and S/Sgt Harry F. Camper, Scouts
for I Company 254th Infantry Regiment, Germany 1945
Left:  Artillery forward observer  and Right:  Cannon Company in action.
Post cards sent by US Army Hospital in France keeping Pfc Ritner's family
informed on his recovery after being wounded in action.
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T/5 William J. Schultz, Radio Section, Headquarters Division Artillery- Left photo taken in
Lauda Germany and the right photo was taken during the division's attack on the Siegfried
Line- 1945