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Background and Purpose:

In 1978, Twelve men and their wives from southwestersn Ohio and
eastern Indiana met to make plans for hosting the 1979 Division
reunion.  Following that reunion in July, the "committee" met for a
dinner and to put a closure on the reunion.  During that meeting the
possibility of forming a chapter of the Division Association was
discussed and after some preliminary contact with division veterans in
the area an organizational meeting was held on 19 April 1980.  For the
next six years the group met for one or two days each year for a

Initially the Chapter was started as the Ohio, or Buckeye Chapter.  One
year later the name was changed to IOK( Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky)
and later the Chapter became the I>M>O>K> Chapter due to interest
shown by men in Michigan.

The I.M.O.K. Chapter meets twice a year, once in April or May and
again in October.  Couples volunteer to host the reunions and make
arrangements for rooms, plan all the activities that will take place and
determine the number of days the meeting will take place.  There are
NO dues to join and everyone is responsible for making their own
room reservations.

The Chapter has hosted four (4) Division reunions and helped three
other groups plan and host reunions.  A thorough set of guidelines on
how to set up and run a national reunion was put together and is
available to anyone interested in hosting a reunion.

The Chapter has approximately 175 members who are contacted
periodically with information concerning chapter activities.  There are
around 80 who attend as they can, with an average gathering of about
36-46 men and women.

Founding members were Gene Johnson, 253rd Inf; Dick Dooley, 861st
FA; Vince Lee, 255th Inf; Karl Gable, 63rd QM;  Mike Baymore, 63d
Div Hq; John Cordwin, 862d FA; Willis Sandbrink, 861st FA; Ed
Fowle, 862d FA; Bill Wallace, 63rd Div; Bob Beeks, 255th Inf; Bernie
Brooks, 861st FA. (Now deceased are Lee, Baymore,
Cordwin,Sandbrink, Beeks and Brook)

Chapter Officers:

  *  Chariman:  Ed Fowle, 332 Dayton Ave, Springfield, OH 45506

   *  Secretary:  Donna LaCosse, Box 86, Morocco, IN 47963.  
Telephone 219-285-2861.  e-mail address: hlacosse@netnitco.net

   *  Treasurer:  Clarence Gerity
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