Photos, 19 Nov 97 Ceremony,
Arlington National Cemetery
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3rd Infantry Color Guard
Invocation, 19 Nov 97 ceremony
Marker and Plaque Unveiling
Laying wreath 19 Nov 97
Honoring our fallen comrades
Memorial Wreath 19 Nov 97
63rd Infantry Division Memorial marker and plaque Arlington Cemetery
16 Oct 13
The 3d Infantry (The Old Guard) Color Guard presents the colors.
Chaplain(LTC) Maney presents the invocation. Fred Clinton D/254 in background.
Gen "Fritz" Kroesen E/254 and John McKenna M/255 unveil the plaque and marker.
Mike Myers G/254 and John Graves H/255 lay wreath to honor our fallen
comrades. S/Sgt Chris Baker, 3rd Infantry(The Old Guard) is the wreath
John Graves(Left) and Mike Myers(right) present arms during playing of Taps.
Memorial Wreath prior to presentation. Left to right: Joyce Clinton,
Fred Clinton, Mary Myers.
Memorial marker and plaque.  Picture taken 7 May 2002
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