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The Sigolsheim, France Memorial is placed atop Hill 216, also known as
Bloody Mountain, to honor the soldiers of all American units that fought
along side of French Soldiers in the First French Army.  The memorial was
erected by the Rhin -Danube Association.
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Sigolsheim Memorial Hill 216
Flag Base of Sigolsheim Memorial
Full view of Sigolsheim Memorial
View from Hill 216
16 Oct 13
American Flag flies 24-hours a day atop Rhin et
Danube Memorial on Hill 216, Sigolsheim, France.
Flag Base with units listed involved in liberation of
Alsace.  63rd Inf Div bottom line-center.
Complete view of memorial. Furnished by Dr Charles
Farrow, Nephew of Salvatore Farruggio, C/254 KIA
Hartungshof, Germany.
View from top of Hill 216 looking to the Rhine River. No
wonder the Germans liked this hill so much
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