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253rd Veterans at Buchhof, Germany
Buchhof Memorial Stone
F/253d Memorial located in Buchhof Germany
F/253d Memorial in Buchhof, Germany 2006
Photograph of Memorial taken in 2006.
Photo taken by Alex Stouffer, Iraq war veteran now living in Stuggart Germany.  Photo taken in
May 2013- Memorial Day
German newspaper article pertaining to the dedication of the memorial.  Left photo is Walter
Dilbeck's brother, center photo of the memorial and the right photo  L-R:  Frau Keller and Mrs
Dilbeck.  Photo furnished by Herr Rolf Meister, German Historian from the Buchhof area.
A Plaque and stone marker were placed near the town of Buchhof, Germany by men of
F Company, 253rd to honor their fallen comrades who lost their lives in and around the
town of Buchhof.
The memorial was placed near the site where Walter Dilbeck Jr won his Distinguished
Service Cross for gallantry in action.

                         Pictures shown below were taken in 1974.
13 Apr 15
L-R Rear: Frank Schasfsma, Richard
Holmes, John R Crews, and Al Fernow.
Kneeling front L-R: Max Holtsclaw,
William Smith and Joe Falkenstein. All are
from F.Company 253rd except Falkenstein
who was from H Co.
Names of the men of F Company, 253rd who
honored their fallen comrades are: Frank
Schasfsma(CO), Walter Dilbeck Jr (DSC), Albert
Fernow, John Crews (CMH), Del Conroy, Phil
Lachance, Charles Cherry, Richard E.
Woodhams, Pete M. Finnie, Frank Messick and
William G. Smith (lst/Sgt)
Jagst/Kocher River battlefields.  The mounument is being
maintained by a Herr Hermann Belz of Buchhof, Germany.  If you
would like to let him know how much we appreciate his taking the
time to keep the monument in good order you can write him at
Buchof D74196 Neuenstadt-Stein, Germany
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The photo above is a composite image of the memorial at Buchhof and was taken by Herr Rolf Meister, German Historian on 12
April 2015 during the 70th Anniversary Memorial of the Battle of Buchhof/Stein.