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memorial at Freedom Foundation
63rd Inf Div Memorial at Freedoms Foundation
Cahill at Valley Forge Memorial
Valley Forge dedication
Photos of May 1978 Dedication ceremony.  Furnished by Gordon "Shorty"
Myers, 253d Infantry
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16 Oct 13
Memorial to the Brave Men of the 63rd Infantry Division
On 28 May 1978, members of the 63rd Infantry Division Association
dedicated a memorial in The Freedoms Foundation Park at Valley Forge,
Pa. to honor all of the brave men who served with the Division in World
War II.

George Cahill, D Company 253rd Infantry (now deceased) worked closely
with the Freedoms Foundation to select the site and design the memorial.

Pictured  is George Cahill, dressed in the uniform of an American
Revolutionary Soldier, standing beside the Division memorial.

The inscription on the memorial reads as follows:

63rd Infantry Division  "Blood and Fire"

To Honor all the brave men who served gallantly with the Division during
World War II.  Activated 15 June 1943 as an instrument to accomplish the
vow of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt at their Casablanca
Conference to make our enemies "Bleed and Burn in expiation of their
crimes against humanity".  Participated in the Ardennes-Alsace, the
Rhineland and the Central Europe Campaigns.  Deactivated 29 September
1945.  Dedicated 28 May 1978 by the 63rd Infantry Division Association.
63rd Infantry Division Veterans visit the
Division Memorial at Freedom
Foundation Park- 2000
Another view of the 63rd Infantry Division Memorial,
Freedom Foundation Park.2000
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