Bust of West Point Cadet
dedicated to MG Louis Hibbs, CG
63rd Infantry Division- Page 23
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West Point Memorial to MG Louis Hibbs, CG 63rd Inf Div
Copy of plaque appearing with West Point Memorial
A bust of a West Point Cadet was presented to West Point by members of
the 63rd Infantry Division Association to honor their World War II
Commanding General Louis Hibbs.
Photo of bust and stand
Plaque that appears on the
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Memorial Plaque displayed in the Camp Van Dorn WWII Museum, Centreville, MS.  This
plaque was installed in June 2016.
In August 2016 the 63rd Infantry Division Association made arrangements for the dedication of a Memorial Bench to be placed in the Walk of Honor at the US Army
Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA.   Efforts are still underway to dedicate a bronze plaque similar to the one shown above in the Infantry Museum.  If these efforts
are successful the notice and image of the plaque will be shown here.  The following are photos of the Memorial Bench and maps showing the location of the bench.
Arrow shows location of the 63rd
Infantry Division Memorial Bench
Image of Brass Plate affixed to the 63rd Infantry Division Memorial Bench
Views of the Walk of Honor and surrounding area from the 63rd Infantry Division Memorial Bench.