Someone is seeking information
about the following individuals
Various individuals have sent inquiries seeking information about the following
63rd Infantry Division veterans.  If you have information about them and their
wartime experiences, please take the time to contact those making the
inquiries.  You can get further details by clicking the name of the listed 63rd
Infantry Division veteran.
Booker, Archie            Pfc         B/253d Inf
Burdick, Reuben W       T/5        D/363d Med
Conley, Roy F                 Pfc        M/253d Inf
Farruggio, Salvatore          Pfc         C/254th Inf (KIA 3 Mar 45)  Fye,
Karl R                        1st Lt      C/255th Inf (KIA 15 Mar 45)
Johnson, Robert J        1st Sgt           B/862d FA (KIA 20 Mar 45)
Lennon, Philip J            Pfc             G/253d Inf  
Leong, Kay M               Pfc            B/863d FA
Levine, Laurence          Pfc            B/254th Inf
Phillips, Herman K       Pfc           M/255th Inf
Pulichene, Joseph A     Pfc           L/255th Inf
Raymond, Arthur G     Lt            Camp Blanding Florida
Stoddard, Glenn M     T/4           G/255th Inf
TenEyck, Charles A    T/5          H/253d Inf  
Yeo, Charles E               Cpl         B/253d Inf (KIA 5 Mar 45)
Zimmerman, Joseph R   Pfc         L/255th Inf
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17 Mar 15
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