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Son looking for information about
his father Pfc Joseph Anthony
Pulichene, L Company 255th
Infantry Regiment (6 Apr 2011)
Joe Pulichene is looking for information about his father's wartime experiences.  Pfc Joseph Anthony
Pulichene was assigned to 3d Platoon, L Company, 255th Infantry Regiment.  He was a skinny Italian kid
from New York City.  His son would like to hear from fellow soldiers who knew him.  He would also like
to know what was happening around March 16, 1945, when his father was wounded in action.  His father's
unit was in the vicinity of Neumuhlerhof, Germany at the time.  You can contact Joe at phone #
630-430-2700, or by regular mail at 21 Kensington Circle, #205, Wheaton, Illinois or by e-mail.
Son looking for information about his
father, Pfc Laurence Levine, B
Company 254th Infantry Regiment.  (31
Aug 12)
Russell Levine is looking for information about his father, Pfc Laurence "Larry" Levine who was
assigned to B Company 254th Infantry regiment on 30 January 1945.  Pfc Levine was also
wounded in action on 15 March 1945 during the regiment's attack on the Siegfried Line.  Russell is
also looking for relatives of Sgt Julius Whittington "Whitt" who was killed in action on 15 March
1945.  Other soldiers serving with Levine were a Corporal named "Mario" and a soldier named
"Phil".  They served under Lt Lee and Capt Scruton.  Levine served as runner for Capt Scruton for
some period of time.  Captain Scruton was wounded at the same time as T/5 Levine.  You can
contact Russell at the following e-mail address: or by phone at
248-398-3069.  The following is a photo of Pfc Laurence Levine.
255th Infantry Regimental Crest
254th Infantry Regiment
17 Mar 15