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Al Carchio and Buddies Med Det 254th
Med Det 254th Infantry (L to R) Carchio, Fair, Goldstein,
Jones, Bateman and Sandora.
The following series of photos relating to Albert Carchio, KIA 23 Jan
45 and the Med Det 254th Infantry were supplied by Mary
Anconeteani, Sister of T/5 Carchio.
Med Det Party
Med Det, 254th Infantry (L to R) Alfero, Maj Glatzer, Lt
Pryor, Lt Horwitz, Goldstein, Albert Carchio
Med Det 254th Infantry
Med Det ,254th Infantry, (L to R)Rear:  Charles
W.Davidson(KIA), Garland, Goldstein, Putman, Campo,
(Middle) Albert Carchio(KIA), Giradi, Alfaro (Front) Burr,
Folinazzo, McGlynn, Stevenson
Med Det 254th Infantry
Med Det 254th Infantry.  (L to R) (Rear) Folinazzo, Coker,
Carchio (Front) Simpson, Stoeklin, Unknown
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Irwin "Sonny" Gold, Anti Tank
Company, 253rd Infantry, November
Irwin "Sonny" Gold, Anti Tank Company
253rd Infantry- 1943
Isrwin Gold at Camp Van Dorn
Irwin Gold
63rd Infantry Division Insiginia
23 Oct 13
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