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The following group of photographs were furnished by Lt Elmer McKee, Hq 1st Bn and D Company
254th Infantry Regiment.  All photos relate to the 1st Battalion 254th Infantry Regiment.
1st Bn 254th Officers
Lts McKee, Carrow, Chesser and Seltzer at
Eberhach, Sep 45. 1st Bn 254th Infantry
1st Bn 254th Officers on Leave
Lt Seltzer and Lt Jordan on leave in Dijon
France.  1st Bn 254th Infantry
Lt Brono and Lt McKee Fishing.
Lt Brono and Lt Mckee fishing.  Gave up and used
grenades.  1st Bn 254th Infantry
Capt Restani A Co CO 254th Infantry
Capt Restani, A Co CO 254th
Infantry- 20 Jun 45
A Co 254th Infantry officers
Lts Kelch, Panzyk and Perro, A Company 254th Inf
1st Bn 254th Inf officers on leave
Lt McKee and Lt Carrow at
sidewalk cafe in Paris
Lt Carrow A/254th Inf
Lt Carrow, A/254th Infantry
lecturing F/398th Infantry at
Fellbach, Germany
Lt Brown A/254th Inf
Lt Brown, Plat Ldr 4th Platoon, A
Company 254th Infantry
Capt Restani CO A/254th Inf
Capt Restani, CO A Company
254th Infantry Regiment
A Co 254th Officers
Lt Carrow (L) XO and Capt Restani (R) CO A
Company 254th Infantry Regiment
A Company 254th Officers
Lt Brown (L) Capt Restani and Lt Carrow A
Company 254th Infantry
Lt Carrow A/254th Inf
Lt Carrow with German gun- Plankstadt, Germany
A/254th Infantry
1st Bn 254th Officers
Capt Restani (L- CO A Co) and LCol Tucker(CO 1st
Bn) 254th Infantry Regiment
Chow time A/254th Infantry
Chow time A Company 254th Infantry
Regiment- Reinsburg, Germany
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