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The following group of photographs were furnished by Lt Elmer McKee, Hq 1st Bn and D Company
254th Infantry Regiment.  All photos relate to the 1st Battalion 254th Infantry Regiment.
1st Bn 254th Inf Officers
Lt Lee (CO B Co) Capt Bailey and LCol Tucker 1st
Bn 254th Infantry
C Company 254th Mess personnel
Mess Personnel from C Company, 254th
Infantry Regiment
B Co 254th Infantry Officers
Capt Lee B Company Commanding Officer, 254th
Infantry and friends
Lt Harger, 3d Bn 254th Inf
Lt Harger, 3d Bn, 254th Infantry
Capt Brown C Company 254th Infantry
Capt Brown, CO C Company
254th Infantry
Cpl Sonntag C/254th Infantry
Cpl Sonntag, C Company 254th Infantry.  Played piano
at 254th Infantry Officers Club in Camp Van Dorn.
Lt Edsall C Company 254th Infantry
Lt Edsall, Plat Ldr, C Company on leave in
Nancy, France
Sgt Brown and friend C/254th Inf
Sgt Brown and friend, C Company
254th Infantry
Capt Piontek D/254th Inf
Capt Piontek, CO D Company
254th Infantry
D/254th Inf Officers
Lt Mathews (L) Lt Lookabaugh resting after
being pulled off line at the Danube.  D Company
254th Infantry
D Company CP on bivouac, 254th Inf
D Company, 254th Infantry personnel on bivouac-1945
Haircut time D/254th Inf
Lt Lookabaugh gets a haircut at the Danube. D
Company 254th Infantry
D Co 254th Inf personnel
Capt Piontek(CO) center, and Pfc Sam Rhyner(driver)
prepare for jeep ride with Adolph the dog on hood.  D
Company 254th Infantry
Regimental field meet 254th Infantry
Machine gun competition at Regimental Track
and Field meet in Bad Mergentheim,
Germany.  Pfc Stone D Company 254th
Infantry behind the gun.. 1945
D Company 254th Infantry personnel
Capt Piontek (L), Sgt Vitek behind gun and Pfc Sam
Rhyner(R).  D Company 254th Infantry
Baseball game 254th Infantry
Capt Piontek swinging, Lt Kelly (3d Bn S3) catching.  
Others in the photo are Lt Williams (w/o shirt), Capt
Lee, Capt Bailey, LCol Tucker and Lt Hurwitch
D/254th Inf on bivouac
D Company, 254th Infantry on bivouac.  Sgt LaCasse
Mess Sgt is taking photo of Lt McKee taking photo.
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