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The following group of photographs were furnished by Lt Elmer McKee, Hq 1st Bn and D Company
254th Infantry Regiment.  All photos relate to the 1st Battalion 254th Infantry Regiment.
1st Bn 254th Infantry Officers
Unidentified 1st Bn 254th Infantry personnel
Lt McKee, Hq 1st Bn 254th Infantry
Lt Elmer McKee, S3 1st Bn 254th Infantry
Capt Harper 3d Bn 254th Inf
Capt Harper, 3d Bn 254th Infantry
Capt Farrell Hq 254th Infantry
Capt Farrell, Regimental Dental Officer, 254th
Infantry Regiment
254th Inf Officers at Field Meet
254th Infantry officers at Regimental Track and Field
Meet, June 1945 at Bad Mergentheim, Germany.  L-R:
??, Lt Pankey(D Co), Lt Frierson and Lt Stratton (H Co)
D/254th soldier in Hospital
Sgt Maxwell, D Company 254th Infantry in
Hospital at Nancy France
Lt Kelly 254th Infantry
Lt Kelly, 254th Infantry Regiment
Baseball game 254th Infantry
1st Bn and 3d Bn baseball game near Crailsheim.  Col Matheson,
3d Bn CO at bat, Lt Van Brochen catching.  Col Tucker 1st Bn
CO immediately behind catcher.
Col Tucker/Capt Piontek Rothernburg 254th Inf
LCol Tucker CO 1st Bn and Capt Piontek CO D Company
254th Infantry in Rothenburg, Germany May 45
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