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Infantry Division in Combat-Page 69
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1st Squad, 1st Platoon, A Company, 263d Engineer Combat Battalion passing through the Siegfried
Line in March 1945.  Right to Left- Front:  Cpl Owen J. Dobbe, Pfc Reid Y. Meredith, Sgt John S.
Lynch and T/4 Roy W. Casey. Rear- Right to Left:  T/5 Harold A Crose, T/4 Samuel T. South, T/4
Glen S. Munz, Pfc Harry C. Goettel , Pfc Leo Koryta.  The other two are not identified.
Photo taken on 2 April 1945, one day after
capture of Heidelberg and crossing the Neckar
River.  Submitted by Pfc Ralph K. Smith, Hq Co,
2d Battalion, 255th Infantry Regiment
L-R:  M/Sgt Alan C. Marcher, T/5 Russell Steever, S/Sgt John
J. Gramolini, ?, ?.  AntiTank Platoon, Hq Co 2d Battalion,
254th Infantry taking a rest in front of a bar somewhere in
L-R:  ?, Pfc Salvatore Genova, Pfc Verlin W.
Miller and ?.  G Company 254th Infantry
Regiment near Mannheim, Germany 1945
L-R:  Cpl Glen McGill, S/Sgt John Gramolini, and
T/5 Charles Derbin,  somewhere in Germany 1945.
AntiTank Platoon, Hq 2d Bn, 254th Infantry
Right to Left:  back row:  Pfc Robert H. Colburn, M/Sgt Alan Marcher, Pfc, Orland L. Easton
and ?, ?.  Kneeling:  S/Sgt John Granmolini, ? and ?.  Somewhere in Germany, 1945.  Antitank
Platoon, Hq 2d Bn, 254th Infantry Regiment.
Left to right in center:  Major Herkimer E. Adams, Col Carl H. Jark and M/Sgt (later 2d Lt) Nicol
Lein.  Headquarters Division Artillery at Gerstetten, Germany, 25 April 1945.  Photo furnished
by T/4 Joseph Zeiner, Hq Div Arty.
2d Squad, AntiTank Platoon, Hq 2d Battalion, 254th
Infantry Regiment somewhere in Germany, 1945.
Pvt Harold O'Neill, formerly of
the 563d Signal Company.  He
was transferred to the 83d
Infantry Division in Feb 1944.  
Photo taken just after  the Battle
of the Bulge was over.
T/5 Walter Feinman, Hq 862d FA Battalion
somewhere near Heidelberg, Germany 1945.  Vehicle
is a German Fire Engine.
Pfc David R. Eveland, C
Company 253d Infantry
Regiment.  Photo taken in
Paris, France when he was on
R and R in February 1945
2d Squad, AntiTank Platoon, Hq 2d Battalion, 254th Infantry
Regiment waiting to move up in Germany 1945
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Alpha list 14
Sep 2010
L-R:  Pfc Howard J. Duke, Pfc Albert O Kidney, Pfc Alexander Durtka, and T/5
Burdette J. Heun.  C Battery, 863d FA Bn somewhere in Germany, 1945
Sgt George E. Gries, C Battery 863d FA Bn, Germany,
Alpha list 14
Sep 2010