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The following photographs were furnished by Sharon Beckman, daughter of T/5 Bernard Beckman,
Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 254th Infantry Regiment.
Troops approaching a pillbox in the German West Wall (Siegfried Line) March 45.  Right photo shows German
equipment abandoned on the battlefield.
Remains of a concrete fortification of the
Sigfried Line.  March 1945.
Soldiers in this photo are not identified, however
since the photo was one of T/5 Beckman's photos it
is assumed that these soldiers are from Hq Co, 1st
Bn 254th Inf Regt.  Germany 1945
L-R:  T/5 Bernard Beckman and Cpl John Sontag, Hq Co
1st Bn, 254th Inf Regt in Blaufelden, Germany, 1945
Photo on the left was taken near Camp Oberhofen, France.  
Soldiers in the photo are not identified.  On the right, L-R is T/5
Bernard Beckman and Pfc Elmer F. Bryant, Hq Co, 1st Bn 254th Inf
Regt on guard duty near Camp Oberhofen, France Dec 1944
T/5 Bernard Beckman, Pfc Anthony P. LePore and an unidentified
soldier in Ribeauville, France, Jan 1945.  Hq Co 1st Bn 254th Inf Regt
Left photo- L-R:  Pfc Anthony P. LePore and T/5 Bernard Beckman,
Hq Co, 1st Bn, 254th Inf Regt on guard near Camp Oberhofen,
France, Dec 44.  Right photo.  Members of Hq Co 1st Bn, 254th Inf
Regt boarding a "40 and 8" rail car for movement from Marseilles,
France to Camp Oberhofen, France.  Dec 44
Remains of a Siegfried Line pillbox used as shelter one evening by T/5 Bernard Beckman
and his buddies during the 254th Infantry Regiment's attack on that fortified line.   March
45.  Hq Co 1st Bn 254th Inf Regt
Left Photo.  Remains of a structure used by T/5 Bernard
Beckman for shelter during the battle for Jebsheim, France.  
Right Photo of two soldiers including Pfc Joseph Dolin, Hq Co
1st Bn 254th Inf Regt who was killed in action on 16 April 1945.  
Position of each soldier not identified
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End of Beckman photographs
The following photographs were sent in by Mrs Janet Malouin, daughter of T/5 William J. Schultz, Hq Btry 63d Division
Artillery.  The photos were found while she was searching the files at the National Archives for information about her
Captain Herschel N. Burton, left and Lt Martin  C. Mathis conduct a critique of the day's
engagements.  L Company, 253d Infantry Regiment.  Date of photo is 9 February 1945.  
Captain Burton and Lt Mathis were both wounded in action on 19 Feb 45 near Bliesbruck,
Residents of Forchtenberg, Germany emerge from a
quarry tunnel where they sought refuge during the days
of battle that leveled their village.  12 Apr 1945
Soldiers of the 63rd Infantry Division take time out
for relaxation and rest after their rapid advance
through the German West Wall (Siegfried Line).  
Saint Ingbert, Germany 21 March 1945
Soldiers of the 363d Medical Battalion take a rest during their movement from Marseilles,
France to the Sarreguemines area of France.  1945
Two combat Engineers from B Company, 263d Engineer Combat Bn dash through a row of
burned buildings on the verge of toppling in Waldenburg, Germany.  16 April 1945
Last of photos sent in my Mrs Malouin
L-R:  T/5 Leo D. Burrell and Pfc Walter C. Konopka, C Company
263d Engineer Combat Bn in Germany April 1945
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