Photos of the 63rd Infantry Division
on occupation duty- Page 21
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The following photos were furnished by Lt Kerins, D Company 255th Infantry Regiment
D/255th Inf personnel
L-R:  Plat Sgt Hurst, Lt Kerins and T/5 Rigdon
at Kunzelsau.  D/255th Infantry
1st Sgt Coyne B/255th Inf
1st Sgt "TJ" Coyne B Company
255th Infantry-( former Platoon
Sgt D/255)- Kunzelsau
D Co 255th Infantry Bivouac
Lt Bryant, Lt Russell, and S/Sgt Abreau on main street
of bivouac area- Kunzelsau, Germany D/255th Infantry
Lt Louis Viehl D and B 255th Inf
Lt Louis Viehl D and B Co 255th Inf- Kunzelsau
Revisiting batttle area 255th Inf
Lt Merkal, D/255th Inf holds
commo line laid during war in this
defilade position near Bliesaningen.
German cemetery
German military cemetery. 2d Plat D Co 255th Inf area.
D/255th soldiers relaxing
Lt Alden,D/255th, pulling Lt Jack Kerins
hair while relaxing at Bad Rappenau with
Sgt Rhodenberger of Butler, Pa and Sgt
Milt Morgan of Pittsburgh, Pa, 26 Apr 45
D/255th Inf personnel
Hughes, Yost and Olivares at Bad
Rappenau, 2d Plat D 255 Inf- Apr 45
D/255th Inf personnel with interpreter
L-R:  Wolfe (Interpreter), Cpls, Hudson, Strimel and
Pasiewicz and Lt Alden at Bad Rappenau- May 45 -
D.255th Infantry
Chow time 2d Plat D/255th Inf
Chow time on the streets of Bad
Rappenau. First day of security duty after
combat. Apr 45.  2d Plat D Co 255th Inf
D/255th Inf personnel with German aircraft
S/Sgt Edson Lodge, Rehobeth Beach, Delaware
and S/Sgt Nick Jursevich, Barberton, Ohio pose
with German aircraft.  D Company 255th Infantry
255th Inf personnel in Stuttgart
Pfc Pee-Wee Hudson and Sgt Milt Morgan
looking over the devastation of Stuttgart,
Germany- Jun 45.  D Co 255th Infantry
Chow time D 255th Inf
McDermott, Mason, Olivares and
Strimel eat out on the streets of Bad
Rappenau, Apr 45 D/255th Infantry
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