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Infantry Division in Combat-Page 32
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Burney A/254th Inf
Sgt John Burney A Co 254th Inf 12 Apr 45
in Germany
Burney A/254th
Sgt John Burney, A Co 254th
Germany Apr 45
?? and Burney A/254th Inf
L-R:  ??? and Sgt John Burney
A/254th Inf Germany 1945
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Miserendino B/255th Inf
Pfc Remus Miserendino B Co 255th Inf
Germany Mar 1945
Miserendino B/255th Inf
Pfc Remus Miserendino B Company 255th
Infantry in Germany Apr 45
Stanley and Rayne Hq 263d Engr
L-R:  T/Sgt Boleslaus W Stanley, Capt Stanford
Rayne Jr and ??(Bn Artist) Hq 263d Engr(C) Bn
in France Feb 1945
Co C 263d Engr Bn CP
Capt George S Shephard (CO C Co), Capt Stanford Rayne
(Bn S2) and T/Sgt Boleslaus W Stanley (Hq Co) 263d Engr
(C) Bn Saar River Area 1945
Staff Hq 263d Engr Bn
L-R: Major Allen W Sanders (Asst Bn Cmdr) Capt George
Shephard (CO C Co) WOJG Seymour Rubinfeld (Asst S4)
1st Lt James F Taylor(Asst S1),???, 2d Lt Howard L
Wachter and LTC Jack L Coen, Battalion Commander 263d
Engineer Combat Battalion.  Sarreguimines France 1945
Bn Staff 263d Engr Bn
Same photo as to the left but from different angle.  In the 2d
Row L-R 2d Lt Edward J Kleckner(Asst S2) and Capt
Stanford Rayne (S2) 263d Engineer Combat Battalion-
Sarreguimines France 1945
K Co 253d Inf
Hq Co 253d Inf