Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 7
Biking in Kleinblittersdorf, Germany
Quarry Battle Map
Donald E. Christy, C Co, 253rd Inf, on a liberated bicycle and wearing a
chimmey sweep's hat, rides through the streets of Kleinblittersdorf that had
just been taken by Company B, 253rd Infantry. 20 Feb 45
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Pfc Smith 63rd MP
Pfc James D. Smith, 1 63rd Division MP waves a jeep on
from Sarreguemines, France across the Saar River to
Hanweiler, Germany, 21 Feb 45
Troops from C Btry 718th FA Bn
Troops from 718th FA Bn.  L to R- G J Bungert C Btry, John Gillespie, A Btry
and Cpl Sellers, B Btry. In Alsace Feb 1945.  Photo supplied by G J Bungert.
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