Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 8
Antitank Platoon, 1/255th Infantry
822d Tank Destroyer Bn at Eschringen, Germany
254th Infantry moving into Eschringen, Germany
Ensheim/Siegfried Line Attack Map
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Gun crews of the Antitank Platoon, 1st Bn, 255th Infantry clean and oil their pieces
during a lull in the fighting in the vicinity of Sarreguemines, France, 13 Mar 45
A 3-inch gun of the 822d Tank Destroyer Bn is in a position overlooking Eschringen,
Germany covering the attack on Eschringen by 3rd Bn/254th Infantry- 15 Mar 45
Troops of the 254th Infantry move into Eschringen, Germany- 15 Mar 45.  
To read a description of the battle in Eschringen from a native of Eschringen,
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Hq 254th Infantry in Ensheim Mar 45
Men from Hq Co, 254th Infantry Regiment in Ensheim,
Germany, Mar 45.  Front L to R:  John Jackson, Oren
Beaver and ??,.  Rear - Henry Zuber
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