The following photographs were in a collection purchased by Tim Malone from e-Bay and were identified as being from the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion.   None of the individuals in the photos were
identified.  From the uniforms and backgrounds I am making the assumption that these photos were made during the combat period of the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion-
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This is the last of the photos provided by Tim Malone relating to the 263d Engineer Combat Battalion.   If you can identify any of the soldiers appearing in these photos please contact Fred Clinton at  The following photographs were also provided by Tim Malone and were part of a photo album prepared by a member of Service Company, 254th Infantry Regiment.  Go to Occupation
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German Prisoners of War being collected for transportation to POW camps in Jebsheim,
France, Transportation was being provided by vehicles from Service Company, 254th Infantry
Regiment- January-February 1945.
Partially destroyed bridge across the Danube River at Leipheim,
Germany.  The remains of the bridge was crossed and Leipheim
captured by the 254th Infantry Regiment late April 1945
American Half-Track destroyed by enemy fire. Germany 1945
Combat Infantryman, C Company 253d Infantry Regiment.  
Place and date unknown.  Probably late January 1945.  Left
to right:  Pfc Herman Santi from Iowa.(Killed in Action on 15
February 1945).  Pfc Bruno Madrak from Harford, CN- Pfc
Maurice A. Gibeault from Waterbury, CN- S/Sgt Bertil C.
Leckstrom from Providence, RI- S/Sgt Edward Lockwood
from Norwalk, CN (Killed in Action on 7 April 1945). Seated
on the far left but only his legs are showing and holding a
little boy on his knees is S/Sgt John K. Smith.
Combat Infantryman , C Company, 253d Infantry Regiment
somewhere in France or Germany.  Date and location unknown.
Left to Right : S/Sgt Magnus L. Froberg; S/Sgt Sherwood E. Exum;
T/Sgt Vernon A Altberg and Sgt Rupert Dunlap.