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Jim Russell, far right, somewhat obscured, with buddies from I
Company 255th Infantry and New York City lass on pass just
before departing for France November 1944.  Anyone know who
the others are??
Sylvn Moskowitz L/255th
Oh! My aching feet!!. Sylvan Moskowitz (Westwood,
NJ) and J.C. Cooley (San Antonio, Tx) resting after a 25
Mile hike.  Fall 1944, Camp Van Dorn, MS  L Company,
255th Infantry
Rowe Maxwell, 63rd MP Platoon
Rowe Maxwell, 63rd MP Platoon ready for
patrol. 1943 Camp Van Dorn, MS
Road Sign to Hartungshof, Germany
Old Painting of Hartungshof, Germany
These two photos were provided by Dr. Charles Farrow, nephew of Salvatore Farruggio, C/254th
Infantry Regiment who was killed in action in Hatungshof, Germany on 3 Mar 1945.  The left
photo is current road sign from Bliesransbach to Hartungshof.  The right photo is a painting
showing Hartungshof prior to WWII.  The village of Hartungshof is now priviate property
dedicated to hay fields and stables.  The current owners live in one of the original houses with the
remainder of the buildings being used for mostly horses.  C Company, 254th Infantry  men will
remember Hartungshof as a village where 27 men were wounded, 17 killed in action and 6 were
missing in action.  Two of those six (2) , Pfc Joseph Hartley and Pfc Curtis Nabors, were located
in May 1982, buried about 100 yards from where they had died some 37 years earlier. Their
remains were returned to the US where they are now buried near their home.
Farruggio and Milo Photo Van Dorn 44
Pfc Sammy Farruggio and Pfc Dominic
Milo, C/254th Infantry at Camp Van
Dorn, MS, 1944 (Farruggio KIA 3 Mar
45). Photo furnished by Dr. Charles
Farrow nephew of Pfc Farruggio)
4 soldiers and a girl on pass NY Nov 44
Headquarters 63rd Infantry Division Staff Officers Feb 44
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Pictured above is Brigadier General Hibbs, Division Commander and staff at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  Similar groups
were at Fort Benning, Ga with Col Frederick M Harris, Assistant Division Command and at Fort Sill, Oklahoma with
Colonel Edward J. McGaw, Artillery Commander.
Left to Right are:  Front row:  Major John E. Brooks, G-1; Major John M. Hardaway, G-2; Lt Col Earle G Wheeler, Chief
of Staff; Brigadier General Louis E. Hibbs, Commanding General; Lt Col Lucien F. Wells Jr. G-3 (since replaced by Lt Col
Gordon M. Eyler); Major Frank T. Bitter, G-4;  Second row:  Major Ralph Lavorgna, Adjutant General;  Lt Col Elmer L.
Thompson, Quartermaster; Lt Col Harold O. Pinther, Inspector General; Capt Joseph R. Cumming, Judge Advocate;  Capt
Charles W. Gibbs, Signal Officer; Major Jack L. Coan, Division Engineer.  Third row:  Lt Col George C Guiteras, Division
Surgeon; Major Frederick C. Johnson, Ordnance Officer; Capt Glenn Y. Williamson, Chemical Officer; 1st Lt William M.
Gwyn Jr, Recon Troop Commander; Capt Paul H Smith, Provost Marshall;  Capt John P Reames, Hq Co Commander.  
Back row:  Capt Abe Kramer, Assistant G-2; Major R. A Nichols, Assistant G-3; and Major Leslie W McMahon, Assistant
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