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63rd Infantry Division
The next few photos were furnished by David Wilson, Nephew of Sgt R. C.
Payne, C Company 254th Infantry Regiment who was killed in action on 19
Mar 1945 near Ensheim, Germany.  Mr Wilson hopes that someone will
recognize these photos of Sgt Payne and be able to provide information about
the circumstances surrounding Sgt Payne's death and his wartime experiences.  
You can contact Mr. Wilson by e-mail at dwilsons@alltel.net or by regular mail
at 2014 Cedar Ridge, Harrison, Arkansas 72601 or by telephone 870-741-4647.
(NOTE:  It appears that all of these photos were taken while Sgt Payne was
undergoing training at Camp Van Dorn, MS.)
Sgt R. C. Payne, C/254th Infantry,
KIA 19 March 1945
Sgt R. C. Payne on the right
with unidentified friend.
Sgt R. C. Payne C/254th.  Looks like this photo
and the one to the left were made in the same 4
for $1.00 Photo booth.
Sgt R. C. Payne C/254th Infantry.  Probably taken
when on leave or pass.
Sgt R. C. Payne C/254th
Sgt R C Payne with friend
Sgt R. C. Payne
Sgt R. C Payne
Sgt (then Pfc) R. C.
Payne C/254th Infantry
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Sgt Payne and friend
Sgt R.C Payne (Left)
C/254th Infantry with
unidentifed friend.
Sgt Redfield
Sgt Sam Redfield, G/253rd Infantry after the
war.  Sgt Redfield was transferred to the 3rd Inf
Div just before the 63rd Inf Div returned to the
states.  Photo furnished by Sam Redfield
Sgt Redfield in Germany
Sgt Sam Redfield, G/253rd Infantry.  Sgt
of the guard, Winter 1945- Germany
RC Payne C/254th
LTC Charles W. Gibbs, Division Signal Officer
LTC Charles W. Gibbs, Division Signal Officer.  
Photo furnished by Donald Schwartz- Son-in-law
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