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1st Platoon, A Company 253d Infantry at Camp 'Van Dorn
Members of the 1st Platoon, A Company, 253d Infantry Regiment at Camp Van Dorn,
MS, November 1943.. Photo furnished by Jim Hooven, son of Sgt Edmund Hooven
A Company 253d Personnel at Camp Van Dorn
A Company 253d Infantry Camp Van Dorn,
MS, 1943. Standing L-R:  Sgt Jeremiah Flynn
and S/Sgt W. Adams.  Seated L-R:  T/Sgt
William Flynn, Marge Hooven(wife of  Sgt
Edmund Hooven) and Sgt Edmund Hooven
Trio from A Company 253d Infantry
L-R:  Sgt Edmund Hooven,
Cpl Orville Hembold and
T/Sgt Thubert Muncy- Cp
Van Dorn -1943
Troop Ship Thomas Barry
Troop ship Thomas H. Barry.  Transported 253d
Infantry to France 1944.
View of battle fields near the Kocher and Jagst River
Two recent views (Jun 2002) of the battlefields in the Jagst/Kocher River Areas.  They really look peaceful
now, but oh what a story they could tell.
View of battlefield near Kocher/Jagst Rivers
Clinton (254) and Helmut Jung
Fred Clinton (D/254th) meets with Herr Helmut Jung of
Assweiler Germany- June 2002.  Herr Jung has a large
collection of WWII material including rifles, pistols,
grenades and other ordinance.  He also has a large collection
of uniforms and other WWII related materials.  He will
willingly show his collection to anyone who contacts him
and makes arrangements in advance.  Interested?  Send an
e-mail to the webmaster for details.
Clinton(D/254) and Herr Trabold
Fred Clinton (D/254th) and Herr Gosbert
Trabold of Stein, Germany- Jun 2002.  
Herr Trabold generously gave a WWII US
Army helmet to Fred in an effort to find the
owner's next of kin.  The helmet belonged
to T/Sgt Willie Overfelt F Company, 253d
Infantry Regiment who was killed in action
in the Buchhof/Stein area on 7 April 1945.
German Memorial Cemetery in Ensheim woods
Memorial Cemetery for 56 German soldiers killed in March
1945.  Located near Ensheim, Germany in the woods near
the bunker line.
 Memorial for German soldiers killed in the Buchhof/Stein area
Memorial for German soldiers killed in and around the Jagst
battlefield.  This memorial is located on top of Herbolzheim
Hill near Buchhof and Stein, Germany
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Dinah Shore, Cp Van Dorn, MS 1943
Dinah Shore becomes honorary
63rd Infantry Division Member-43
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