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63rd Infantry Division
Soldiers from M/255th Infantry at Camp Van Dorn,MS
Soldiers from M Company, 255th Infantry take a
break.  Rudolf Armbruster is on the far right.  
Photo courtesy of Tess Armbruster, Widow of
F Company, 255th Infantry at Camp Van Dorn, MS
Anyone know who these men are?  F Company, 255th
Infantry at Camp Van Dorn, MS.  Photo courtesy, T/5
Bernard Horowitz F/255th Infantry
Med Det 254th Infantry Camp Van Dorn, MS
Members of Med Det, 254th Infantry at Camp Van
Dorn, MS.  The only identified is T/5 Albert J. Carchio
(KIA 23 Jan 45) who is in the last row, far right.  If
you can identify anyone in this photo please contact
the webmaster63rdinfdiv@comcast.net  Photo
courtesy Mary Carchio Anconetani, Sister of T/5
Members of the 63rd Division Band at Camp Van Dorn, MS
Members of the 63rd Infantry Division Band at
Camp Van Dorn, MS. None are identified.  Photo
courtesy Nan W. Landers, wife of Arlton D
Landers.(Arlton is not in the photo)
Bill Beckett, Hq 254th drives the obstacle course at CVD 1944
Hq 254th Infantry Regiment soldier drives
through the Regimental street after a heavy rain
storm.(Maybe the driver's course)
63rd Rcn Troops, then and now
On the Left:  Members of the 63rd Reconnaisance Troops at Camp Van Dorn, MS
and on the Right members of the 63rd Recon at a recent reunion.  Left Photo: Oct 44
L to R:  (3rd) Sam Fittente (4th) Nick Gentile, and (6th) Ted Katsavos.  Right Photo:
L to R:  Nick Gentile, Sam's Wife, Sam Fittante and Ted Katsavos.
Walter Krull, K/255th Infantry receives the Purple Heart
Walter Krul, K Company 255th Infantry receives
the Purple Heart from Rep Sherwood Boehlert of
New Hartford, NY, 54 years after he was
wounded in April 1945. Photo courtesy
Observer-Dispatch Newspaper, Utica NY.
Information supplied by Walter Krul, Jr at e-mail
address wkrul@aol.com
Members of AntiTank Company, 255th Infantry D-CVD
Members of Anti Tank Company, 255th Infantry at
Camp Van Dorn, MS. S/Sgt John H Werntz is on the
far left in the photo.  Photo courtesy of Warren D.
Werntz, son of S/Sgt Werntz.
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