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63rd Infantry Division
Communications Platoon, Hqs 255th Infantry
Communications Platoon, Hqs 255th Infantry-
Van Dorn
Combat village personnel
L-R- T/Sgt Bill Smith and Sgt Earl
Overton F/253rd Inf. wearing white
shirts while they ran the  Van Dorn
"Nazi Village" course.
Typical Van Dorn Mess Hall
Well, they finally let us eat inside the Mess Hall.
Weapons Platoon E/255th Infantry
Weapons Platoon, E/255th Infantry- Van Dorn
F/254th Inf
Rudolph "Huke" Miller and his buddies from F
Company, 254th Infantry at Van Dorn
Litter bearers training at Camp Van Dorn
Litter Bearers training at Camp Van Dorn
Capt Blanchard on way back to US
Captain Neal D Blanchard of Med Det
3rd Bn 255th on Victory Ship heading for
the US, Dec 45.
Capt Blanchard with Ambulance
Capt Neal D. Blanchard Med Det 3rd Bn, 255th Infantry
Regiment.  Not sure about location.
T/5 Roy Hartney home on Leave-1944
T/5 Roy Hartney, D Company 254th Infantry
Regiment home on leave 1944.  Roy was
promoted to Sergeant and received a battle field
commission as a Second Lieutenant.
CWO Nordin, 563rd Signal Company
CWO James T Nordin, 563rd Signal
Company. Picture was taken when Mr.
Nordin was a Sergeant.  Furnished by
his son Jim Nordin
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