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63rd Infantry Division
German Army Engineer Knife
German Officer's Knife
German Army Engineer Knife
German Army Officer's Knife
German and Russian emblems
German Arm Band, German Lapel Pin and Russian Hat Emblem
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Angelo Christopher D/254th presents American Flag to Jebsheim Mayor 2000
Angelo Christopher, D/254th presents flag to
Jebsheim Mayor at Peace Meeting Jun 2000
School Children of Jebsheim France present Peace sign
School Children of Jebsheim present "PAIX"
sign at Peace Meeting- Cross of the Jebsheim
Mill- 2000
Germans with gas mask
"I don't care what the General says, I'm not going in that
horse stall again!"  Furnished by Pfc Glunt Intel Sec Hq
2d Bn 254th Infantry
Gen Hibbs teaches troops how to roll cigarettes
MG Hibbs, CG 63rd Inf Div gives instructions to
troops on rolling your own cigarettes. Camp Van
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