Pictorial History of the 63rd Infantry
Division in Combat-Page 10
D Company, 254th Infantry
Marlene Dietrich with troops
718th FA Bn in action
Heidelberg, Germany
289th Engr Combat Bn pontoon bridge
German civilians read proclamation
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Troops of D/254th Infantry celebrate breaking rhrough the Siegfried Line- Mar 45
Pfc Clinton
Lt Hartney
Capt Piontek
Lt Lookabaugh
Lt Williams
Marlene Dietrich entertaining members of the 254th Infantry at Kirkel,
Germany on 22 March 1945 after the breakthrough of the Siegfried Line
Left:  William Hoover, A/718th FA Bn added to the "flair" of his uniform with
some "requisitioned" accourterments.  Right:  The 718th FA Bn fires in support
of the US 7th Army Divisions that established bridgeheads across the Rhine
River, 24 Mar 45
Heidelberg Castle over looks the old bridge across
the Neckar River that was destroyed by German
forces as they withdrew from the city. 30 Mar 45
The 289th Engineer Combat Bn ferried troops and vehicles
across the Neckar River at Heidelberg until bridges were
completed and damaged bridges repaired.
Residents of Mosbach study proclamation issued by a Military Government team attached to the 63rd
Infantry Division.  The proclamation ordered the Germans to turn in all rifles, pistols, other firearms,
bayonets, binoculars, cameras and ammunition- 5 Apr 45
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Marlene Dietrich at Siegried Line Mar 45
Marlene Dietrich at the Siegfried Line on
her way to entertain 63rd Infantry
Division Troops- Mar 1945.  Photo
furnished by Theodore Karamallis,
563rd Sig Company
Marlene Dietrich at Siegfried Line Mar 45
Another view of Marlene Dietrich as she
passed through the Siegfried Line courtesy of
the 63rd Infantry Division- Mar 45. Photo
appears in a book- titled "Marlene Dietrich-
Photographs and Memories.
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