Pictorial History of the 63rd Infantry
Division in Combat-Page 11
Soldiers from C/254th Infantry
Linemen from 255th Infantry Stringing wire
255th Infantry in Sinsheim, Germany
Jagst-Kocher River Battle Map
Battle of Waldenburg
Battle of Waldenburg
Battle of Waldenburg
Battle of Waldenburg
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The 4th Platoon, Company C, 254th Infantry, pauses to have a picture
taken while passing through Heidelberg, Germany. - 31 Mar 45
Linemen of the 255th Infantry prepare to string telephone wire across a street draped
with white flags in the university town of Heidelberg, Germany, 31 Mar 45
Infantrymen of the 255th Infantry and elements of the 10th Armored
Division move through Sinsheim, Germany, 1 Apr 45
Division troops dash down a street in Waldenburg, Germany
Division troops moving throught the streets of
Waldenburg, Germany
Tanks and Division troops in Waldenburg, Germany
Division soldier communicating with tank crew.
Waldenburg, Germany
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