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Soldiers from 862d FA Bn Camp Van Dorn MS
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Camp Van Dorn, MS.  Anthony was in Med Det
862d FA Bn so these men may be from the 862d
The following photographs were furnished by S/Sgt Tom Styles, C Company 263d Engrineer Combat
Battalion and depict scenes from that company during their training at Camp Van Dorn, MS 1943-44
Soldiers from C/263d Engr
Some of the original cadre for C Company 263d Engr (C) Bn
at Camp Van Dorn MS. L-R: S/Sgt James Anderson, Capt
George Shepherd, 1st Sgt James B Canning and Cpl Frank P
Capt George Shepherd, Co C/263d Engr
Capt George Shepherd, CO C
Company 263d Engr (C) Bn at Cp
Van Dorn. MS
Konopka and Wekke C/263d Engr
L-R: Pfc Walter Konopka and S/Sgt
Kenneth F Wekke. S/Sgt Wekke
was wounded in action on 15 Feb 45
Sgt Thorn at mess line C/263d Engr
As part of the Commanding General's policy to toughen up
troops of the 63rd Infantry Division we all ate outside of the
messhalls whenever possible.  Messhall building is on far left
of photo.  Being served is Sgt Rune. E. Thorn C/263d Engr
Bn.  Sgt Thorn died of wounds received from a German
mine on 12 February 1945
The original 3d Plat C/263d Engr
The original 3rd Platoon, C Company 263d Engr (C) Bn at Cp Van
Dorn. MS- 1943
C/263d Engr Day Room
Current events section of C Company 263d Engr Bn
Dayroom at Camp Van Dorn, MS
S/Sgt Styles and Shearer C/263d Engr
L-R:  S/Sgt Tom Styles and Dick Scherr
Camp Van Dorn MS 1943
263d Engr Bn Officers at Retreat Parade
Officers of the 263d Engr (C) Bn at a Retreat Parade.
Cp Van Dorn MS
Flame Thrower Training C/263d Engr
T/5 John R Elliott, C/263d Engr(C) Bn
center of photo on ground undergoing flame
thrower training at Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
T/5 Elliott C/263d Engr
T/5 John R Elliott C/263d Engr (C) Bn lets
loose with a blast from his flame thrower
during training at Cp Van Dorn MS 1944
Darby and Aultz at the bazooka C/263d Engr
Sgt George W Darby, firing and Cpt James A Aultz ,
loading undergoing bazooka training. C/263d Engr (C)
Bn Cp Van Dorn Miss 1944
Casualty of Homochito Maneuvers 1944
A wounded jeep casualty of the Homochito
maneuvers 1944 is taken away to the "aid
station"  C/263d Engr (C) Bn