Pictorial History of the 63rd
Infantry Division in Combat-Page 13
Lt Hartney and Sgt Bundick D/254
Mortar Squad in action
Machinegunner at the river
Weasel and Scout Car
Rat Race Map
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Lt Hartney (L) and Sgtr Bundick(R) leaning on Scout Car.  D/254th Inf
81mm Mortar in action, D Company, 254th Infantry, April 1945
Machinegunner David Isaacson, Hq Co 3rd Bn, 253rd
Infantry covers troops crossing the Kocher River near
Kochersteinfield, Germany,13 April 1945
A Weasel and Scout Car leading a tank platoon of the
753rd Tank Battalion to a new position.
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Soldiers of I Company 254th Infantry
L to R: John Ritner, Sgt Jackson Mims, Sgt Harry Camper,
Oldenquist, Russell Blake and can't recall all of I Company
254th Infantry mid- April 1945.  Photo furnished by John
Ritner !/254th
John Ritner ! Company 254th Infantry
John RitnerI/254th Inf  takes a well
earned rest while waiting for armor
support. Mid April 1945.
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